West Highland White Terrier: 10 Free Tips To Know

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West Highland White Terrier / Westie Dog Lying On Lawn In Garden, Scotland, Uk. (Photo By: Arterra/Universal Images Group Via Getty Images)

Photo by Arterra on Getty Images

The West Highland White Terrier could be the quintessential terrier. These dogs are recognized for their fluffy, searching, yet harsh coats, which come in a lovely snowy white.

There won’t be a dull minute with your charmingly clownish dogs. Although they could appear to be actual life teddies, they’re nevertheless terriers we’re dealing with and have character and grit.

Description of this West Highland White Terrier

Westie Puppy Playing In Backyard.
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Despite their short stature and friendly faces, the Scotts bred these dogs for searching. Were meant These people as ratting West Highland White Terriers inside Scottish Highlands, first produced on Poltalloch Estate. But today, they genuinely are prevalent animals. They’re also utilized due to the fact mascots of numerous common brands.

While the West Highland White Terriers retain their tenacity, they are calmer than some terriers and milder inside their play. These dogs are very popular terriers worldwide.

Life Expectancy and Size

This type is rapid; however, they are sturdy estates that generally stay 10 to 11 ins high and weigh 15 to 20 pounds.

They frequently reside a healthier 13 to 15 years.

Protective Capability

Westies make reasonably practical watchdogs. The standard West Highland White Terriers nature is alive and well inside type. They like to bark and believe they do essential work for their family members. They won’t be chasing off intruders but might lick them to death! But these dogs are very friendly with regards to down seriously to it.


A Young West Highland White Terrier Walks And Plays With A Ring In The Yard Of The House On The Green Grass, Rejoices In Spring
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The West Highland White Terrier is average, and their training follows suit. They’re fast and certainly will bore effortlessly. But this means Westies may interfere with the capacity to learn significantly. Avoid a lot of repetition to help keep these dogs entertained. Change up circumstances and settings frequently.

Training the Westie is best suited whenever approached perfect way. They’re perhaps not highly responsive to spoken and actual modification, like some terriers. But training is best suited whenever you regularly remain good. Westies are very well attuned to their individuals and react better to reward-based movement by using treats. Reduce your dinner size if you’re worried about your dog’s fat.

Energy Level

Remember why these are terriers. Westies are very high power, and it will make a difference to help keep your Westie occupied, regardless if it is simply with play. Somewhat physical, working out goes a big way.

However, West Highland White Terriers are calmer and much more adaptable than numerous infamous terriers, just like Jack Russel. So long as they get some day-to-day workout, they need not encounter many additional difficulties.

Precisely what Managing a West Highland White Terrier is Like

Westies are funnier than they genuinely are crazy. They supply the joy and task of this typical West Highland White Terrier. But in addition, they are generally less rowdy inside & most families can handle them quite nicely.

Westies do need some coating upkeep. However, for numerous, it is well worth their keep. Plus, along with their expressive eyes and shiny white coats, they’re lovely specimens.

Care of this West Highland White Terrier

Vet And Veterinary Nurse Wearing Stethoscope Examining Small Dog In Veterinary Surgery Practice, Vet Making Notes On Clipboard
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This type is an excellent option for owners looking for a hardy tiny dog that isn’t a lap dog that is acutely fun to call home.

Environmental Requirements

The West Highland White Terrier is adaptable beyond other things. They will have sufficient coats, but most individuals trim them, so they never become too hot in the summertime. These terriers had been supposed to perform inside harsh Scottish countryside. Today, they can manage almost anything a household tosses at them.

Exercise Requirements

Although the Westie is lively, they’re not so hard to help keep fit. They are doing well with a safe, enclosed garden. This type enjoys operating about and playing in the place of being outside alone.

Your Westie will undoubtedly appreciate regular walks to ensure he gets directed tasks and all their extra power out. Their feet aren’t long, so they might be unable to continue on runs or bicycle trips.

Many people enjoy doggie activities like obedience or agility. Their work ethic means they are prime applicants. Numerous winnings are frequently inside the show band.

Shedding and Grooming

This type calls for cleaning a few times per week. Baths once per month must be adequate to help keep the Westie clean. Way too many bathrooms could harm the coating.

Regular clipping is all but needed. Many clips once per month maintain that Westie was searching for their classic self. Other traditionalists hand strip or grab specific hairs. But this method keeps growing increasingly uncommon.

Ideal House Environment

Two Cute White Westies Sitting Next To A Decorated Christmas Tree On A White Soft Carpet
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This type is ideal for a household that desires a vintage West Highland White Terrier. A perfect owner does not want a lap dog but likes a delightful addition to family members. But Westies additionally enjoy getting together with their family and carefully playing.

They might not be suitable for families with small kids, as they do not manage to tease well. Their quick feet are very springy, yet they might be unable to maintain acutely athletic owners.

Wellness Issues

Joint discomfort and cardiovascular disease may be challenging because Westie has many years of experience. Dealing with a professional breeder and keeping these dogs’ physical fitness is the better bet to help them significantly live a very long, healthier life.

Behavior Issues

Westies have classic West Highland White Terrier problems. Some may chase, dig, or chew. While very early obedience training assists, understand that the most effective option would be simple. Westies frequently calm down once they have sufficient workout possibilities and are permitted to challenge their busy minds with exciting jobs.

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