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Black Koi Fish

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A stunning kind of tamed carp is the Japanese black koi fish. From its humble beginnings in the rice fields of Japan, this species of pond fish has gone a long way, swimming straight into our hearts.

If you like keeping ponds as I do, you undoubtedly spend some leisure time looking at pictures of the fantastic Koi species.

Recently, my interest in black koi fish has increased. My research on the aquatic life in our backyard pond produced beautiful findings. The Karasu Koi and a few other black koi fish kinds are discussed in greater detail below.

Black Koi Fish from Karasu

Black Koi Fish From Karasu
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The only Koi that is nearly black is the Karasu Black koi fish. These fish have a jet-black, monochromatic body from above. They resemble the other Koi surrounding them, almost like shadows. You may see the red, orange, or white hue of a Karasu’s tummy by turning them over.

You may find it fascinating if you are interested in symbolism since the Japanese equate the black koi fish with riches and good fortune. It is said that the color black is effective in absorbing any bad energy from the pond, resulting in a more tranquil habitat.

The term “Karasu” in Japanese means “crow” in English. This translation may also convey a free spirit or luck and wealth, depending on who you ask.

The origin of Karasu Koi breeding is a subject of significant discussion. While some claim that the Karasu is a post-World War II occurrence, some assert that they are far older. Regardless of the answer to the question of when this particular Koi variety originated, we are happy that they are now.

Identification of a Karasu Koi Fish

Unbelievably, recognizing a Karasu Koi can be complicated. When doing this work, you should approach it with attention to detail. An infant Black koi fish’s body color is essential to observe. You will be searching for a flawless, deep black physique. There shouldn’t be much pigment on the tummy.

I advise you to confirm that the Koi you select is black three times. Due to the Magoi’s dark brown hue, it might sometimes be possible to mistake one for the other species, the Karasu. Comparing the fish to a black backdrop is one technique to confirm if the color is black.

Black Koi Fish

There are other Koi fish with black parts, but only the Karasu Koi is an all black Koi fish. A few black-colored Koi that need special attention include Sanke Koi, red Koi, Utsuri Koi, and Matsuba Koi. Let’s look at a few of their defining marks.

Japanese Black Koi Fish

Japanese Black Koi Fish
© Jan Chadzynski/gettyimages

Sanke Koi are familiar to everyone who has ever visited a koi pond. It’s simple to tell a Koi fish from a Sanke. Their base is pearly white, and their markings are vivid red and black. The juvenile Koi’s first mark will be its red-orange or purple-red color. Deep black marks that appear on a Sanke as it ages distinguish it from a Kohaku.

Red Koi Fish

Red Koi Fish
© Emanuela Allievi, EyeEm/gettyimages

The definition of “red Koi fish” is somewhat broad. A few Koi fish fall under the red and black koi fish category. The Bekko is one example.

Bekko Koi may have a base color of white, yellow, or red and are all covered in a black design. The Goshiki Koi is a little distinctive because of its deep black base color. The body of these koi is accented with red, white, blue, and brown colors. Last but not least, the Showa Koi has a striking red-and-white design on a black background.

Utsuri Koi Fish

Koi Utsuri Fish
© Copyright by June Marie Sobrito/gettyimages

Another well-known Black koi fish is the Utsuri Koi. Utsuri’s beautiful design immediately catches your attention when gazing into a pond.

Utsurimono has a black foundation that blends with a second color to give the skin a checkerboard pattern. A Hi Utsuri is a Utsuri Koi with a non-metallic red coloration. The Shiro Utsuri are those with a non-metallic white coloring, while the Ki Utsuri is those with a non-metallic yellow coloring.

Matsuba Koi Fish

Matsuba Koi Fish
© Diane Miller/gettyimages

We now reach the Matsuba Koi. These Black koi fish are renowned for their metallic base color and base-covering black netting design. The most prevalent kind of Matsuba Koi are as follows:

• The red and black aka Matsuba

• Gin Matsuba, a black and white

• The black and yellow Ki Matsuba

• The orange and black Orenji Matsuba


These particular koi have tiny black spots on their skin.
Wide different varieties of koi have black colors or patterns. The only all black koi fish is the Karasu kind.
Other koi carp species, such as the Matsuba, Utsuri, Red Koi, and Sanke, have black markings as part of their overall design.

As we’ve seen from today’s exploration, the keywords we discussed – black koi fish – represent a wide range of potential possibilities and opportunities. Whether you want to delve into what these terms can mean or use them as jumping-off points for further research, the options are seemingly endless. We hope that this brief overview has given you inspiration for how you might use them in your work or personal projects. Thanks for reading, and have fun exploring the possibilities!

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