Rat terrier: 7 outstanding characteristics

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New York, New York - February 16:  A Rat Terrier Competes During Day Two Of Competiton At The Westminster Kennel Club 140Th Annual Dog Show At Pier 92/94 On February 16, 2016 In New York City.  (Photo By Matthew Eisman/Wireimage)

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The Rat Terrier is an all-American type developed into an aggressive hunter and affectionate friend. Their tiny size means they are fast and adept at rooting out rats, but in addition, it means they are portable dogs. You could expect a small and sturdy adventurer within the type. They are genuinely curious, enjoyable, and lively friends for farms and families.

Description regarding the Rat Terrier

New York, New York - February 16: A Rat Terrier Competes During Day Two Of Competiton At The Westminster Kennel Club 140Th Annual Dog Show At Pier 92/94 On February 16, 2016 In New York City. (Photo By Matthew Eisman/Wireimage)
Photo by Matthew Eisman on Getty Images

The Rat Terrier will come in two sizes, miniature and standard. Both are tough ratters and want to work. It is possible to frequently see them playing around your yard, looking for tiny furry rodents to seek out.

Like many other terriers, the Rat Terrier is separate and strong-willed. They genuinely are affectionate with those they understand and love winning contests using their household. But provide them with some guidance, and they’ll discover correct and incorrect quickly.

Their compact human body is well muscled but slim and wiry. Their smooth coating is quick and thick to arrive in different pied colours, meaning patched or patterning. The top-pointed ears of the type are often alert and pay attention to prospective indications of difficulty.

Life Expectancy and Size

These, generally speaking, hardy dogs typically reside 12 – 18 years, but particular health conditions may reduce their lifespan. Constantly utilize a professional breeder for the best odds of getting a healthier puppy.

The small selection of Rat Terrier appears 10 – 13 ins high; the typical is 13 – 18 ins. In addition, they weigh 10 – 25 pounds.

Protective Capability

The Rat Terrier is a tremendously protective dog. They carefully, often jealously, guard over their own families and properties and are generally exceptionally proficient at maintaining vermin off the beaten track. They make time to heat up to strangers but are great buddies after they are introduced.


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The Rat Terrier is a sensible and highly trainable type. They are fast to master, love hanging out with their owners, and constantly want to train.

Positive training techniques would be the simplest way to approach teaching your puppy. Treats are an effective training device because of this type. They generally want to discover, but treats are a fantastic place to begin if you learn your puppy is seeking additional inspiration.

As a high-energy type, games and canine recreations will also be a terrific way to train your puppy and certainly will give them training, an outlet regarding their power, and bonding time with you.

Early socialization can be vital to training because this type can only help them develop into well-mannered dogs.

Energy Level

Like numerous terriers, the Rat Terrier is energetic and wants to go. Offering many power outlets helps them relax and be pleased. Whether this might be using you, searching bottomless holes in the yard, or looking for tiny vermin, this type seeks work.

If you’re ready to invest sufficient playtime, this type may also be a snuggly and affectionate dog that enjoys lazing around with additional inactive families. Understand that they must work out to make the journey to this time.

Just what Coping with a Rat Terrier is Like

These dogs make feisty and fun companions. They want to dig and generally are energetic. They are doing well with other dogs they are raised with and are typically highly keen on children. Nevertheless, they make great cuddle buddies with good workouts.

The Rat Terrier is a lively type. More inactive families may have much fun using this type, provided they are prepared to commit sufficient day-to-day time for you to work out and play. Nevertheless, they don’t require many workouts to ensure this type may work well in less active families.

Care regarding the Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier Dog Offers Up Pleading Look While Sitting At His Owners Feet In Lawn Of Autumn Leaves.
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The Rat Terrier is very adaptable. This dog may do well in a flat or farm with sufficient workout, psychological stimulation, and household time.

Environmental Requirements

Predominant across the Southern, the Rat Terrier tolerates temperature perfectly. However, their thin coating does little to guard them through the cold. If you reside in a more excellent environment, consider getting the dog a jacket and restricting time outside.

Exercise Requirements

Canine recreations, games, yard playtime, ratting, and long walks are excellent approaches to working out the sufficient level of power your Rat Terrier has. Expect you’ll invest about 40 mins every day working out your puppy.

The Rat Terrier is a devoted digger. Therefore, going for a designated room to dig and keeping them busy helps prevent them from rooting around your preferred flowerbeds for furry invaders.

Shedding and Grooming

The smooth and quick coating of the Rat Terrier calls for minor upkeep to help keep it healthier and clean. Each month or more bath is enough to help keep their fur clean. Weekly brushing is sufficient to eliminate free hairs and dust. During the losing period, which takes place once per year, anticipate an uptick in the cleaning you are doing.

This type sheds some, although not extensively.

Regular nail trimmings, ear cleanings, and teeth brushings are essential aspects of good hygiene for the dog.

Ideal House Environment

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These terriers are well-liked by families as their tiny size, great power, and exceptional temperament with children, along with other dogs, cause them to become the right option for many tasks. They may be able to excel in just about any house because they are adaptable and pleased. Give them training and companionship, and they’re going to be happy.

The Rat Terrier is a tremendously protective and alert type. They make exceptional watchdogs and are generally cautious about strangers but can be quick buddies introduced to anybody they consider appropriate.

While frequently healthier, this type may suffer from health conditions that may be expensive or time intensive.

Wellness Issues

Hip dysplasia and patellar luxation are typical issues in the Rat Terrier. Constantly utilize a professional breeder who screens for prospective hereditary conditions.

Other dilemmas include allergies, Legg-Calve-Perthes problems, cardiac infection, and attention issues. Regular check-ups might help get, treat, or avoid these issues.

Behaviour Dilemmas

Digging could be the number 1 issue using the Rat Terrier. We have been training them early, going for a specific destination to dig, and supplying them with many outlets regarding their power best combat this.

Chasing could be the other big thing because of this type; keep them fenced in on a leash outside to ensure they don’t elope after a squirrel, another community pest.

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